The procrastination has finally ended! Welcome to my new blog.

The past couple of years have been a whirlwind. Now getting comfortable in my fourth year as a Londoner, it’s difficult to not look back and reflect over what my time in this wonderful city has done to me. I conquered great fears of the unknown ( freelancer’s you know what I’m talking about), as well as accomplishing a few dream goals: Cooking school (check!), Pastry Chef at Ottolenghi (check!), and publishing work for a few chefs that I grew up aspiring to work alongside (check! check!). But this, I hope, is only the beginning.

My passion for food began many, many years ago when as a child I was inspired by both my grandmother’s ability to cook meals for large family gatherings. I grew up on ladles filled of comforting chicken noodle soup, plush potato cheese pierogies and light and airy pascki (jam filled doughnuts). One of my grandmothers’ had a large garden in their backyard abundantly filled with apple trees, raspberry bushes and every kind of vegetable under the sun. Growing up in surroundings such as these teaches you a lot about food, not only to respect where it comes from but also how impactful on the livelihood of a family it can be. Needless to say, I was spoiled with the richness from my food filled childhood and this eventually pushed me out of my comfort zone in my mid twenties to explore a life outside the bubble I had conformed to. So thank you Bubi and Babcia.

Starting a career in food was an intimidating challenge, but one that my gut instinct told me I had to at least try. I now feel extremely fortunate to do what I love, and all of my experiences have brought me to where I am today. Out of all the things I do, cooking for others is still the most rewarding and that’s where this blog comes in. Cooking at home for me is not only a distraction from the daily grind, but a chance to test out new recipes and use new flavours that are less common in my day to day job. This blog will be a collaboration of recipes and food stories, ones that I hope will inspire you (at home, yes you) to take a break from your reality and escape into the wonderful world of creating food and feeding other people.

So sit back, read, enjoy, and hopefully dust off those kitchen utensils for use in the near future.

x D

P.S. Granola Recipe ( by request) coming up soon!



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  • Bernard Strathallan says:

    your website looks great! I will be requesting granola soon. Proud of you xo